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Is sending Mississippi water to the West feasible?

Two hundred miles north of New Orleans, in the heart of swampy Cajun country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1963 cut a rogue arm of the Mississippi River in half with giant levees to keep the main river intact and flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.

Irrigators have rightfully staked their claim to Earth Day, too

On April 22 the United States residents celebrated the latest version of Earth Day and it has a linkage to agriculture.

Every precious drop: Western Kansans devoted to saving water

Behind all the blowing dust and horizontal snow, much is happening in western Kansas to abate effects of declining groundwater.

FNB Dream Maker Podcast

Chris visits with Clay Scott, who farms in Stanton and Grant County, is a member of the Ground Water Management District #3 and is on the Kansas Aqueduct Coalition. We discuss the work the coalition has done on the feasibility of moving water to Western Kansas, Colorado and beyond.