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Is sending Mississippi water to the West feasible?

Two hundred miles north of New Orleans, in the heart of swampy Cajun country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1963 cut a rogue arm of the Mississippi River in half with giant levees to keep the main river intact and flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sharing Mississippi water with California would help feed America

A recent edition of The Desert Sun had two letters objecting to piping water from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River, and on to California.

How Israel used innovation to beat its water crisis

Israel is a desert, and water resources are scarce, but today it produces 20% more water than it needs. What can the world learn from Israel’s experience?

Unprecedented solutions coming to the Lake Powell crisis

Water managers plan to implement temporary solutions to avoid critical levels at Lake Powell in 2022, while working on long-term solutions.