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Making the Most of What We Have

We’re committed to protecting the natural water quantity and quality of the Ogallala Aquifer for today and for future generations. Learn more about the iCare project

Report to the Kansas Legislature

GMD3 Western Water Conservation Projects Fund Activity and Related Concerns in 2023

Identifying Solutions to Challenges

With support from an NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant, Scott installed mobile drop irrigation lines (MDI) on the first three towers of eleven pivots. On those acres where the old drop nozzle packages were replaced with MDI, water use has been reduced by 38%.

GMD3 iCare Project

Drought affects southwest Kansas frequently, but its onset is subtle, and its impacts develop over time. Local groundwater reservoir storage has been used to counter the effects of drought, but as reserves are mined, water supplies become less reliable, and drought resiliency is lost. This project will provide irrigators with water use information that will enable them to become more drought resilient through better water management.

This project will build long-term resilience to drought and reduce the need for emergency response actions by providing water users with valuable information that will empower them to manage and conserve water, increase the usable life of the Ogallala/High Plains Aquifer, and increase farm profitability. Year 1 of the project will focus on Finney County while years 2 and beyond will include all of GMD3.

The Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District (GMD3) is located in the heart of the irrigation/agri-business, industrial complex overlying the Ogallala Aquifer.

The district was organized to conserve groundwater resources, prevent economic deterioration, and provide for the stabilization of agriculture by establishing the right of local users to determine their own destiny with respect to the use of groundwater.

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Whether it’s our monthly meetings or our variety of educational events throughout the year, we’d love to have you at any of the regular events Southwest Kansas GMD3 hosts.

The Southwest Kansas GMD3 Board of Directors typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month. The Board invites the public to attend its monthly meetings and to comment on agenda items or other matters before the Board. You can find meeting times, agendas, and documents on our Upcoming Events.

Western Water Conservation Projects Funds Meetings will be posted in Upcoming Events.

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