Southwest Kansas Water Quality Initiative

Are You Eligible for a Free Water Well Test and a Reverse Osmosis System?

🏡 Living in Rural Southwest Kansas?

  • If your home relies on a domestic well for water in Hamilton, Kearny, Finney, Gray, or Ford counties, this is for you!

💧 Worried About Water Quality?

  • We understand your concerns. You may be eligible for a free domestic water well test through your local conservation district.

🌟 Exclusive Offer for Residents:

  • Participate in our water quality project and you could be eligible for a complimentary Reverse Osmosis System.

Program Details:

  • Part of a Grant-Funded Initiative: Focused on addressing water quality along the Ark River corridor.
  • Completely Voluntary: Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Limited Availability: Only 35 tests per county, with a weekly cap of 20 tests.
  • Potential Reimbursement: Up to $250 towards a Reverse Osmosis System.

Contact Your Local Conservation District:

  • Hamilton Co.: 620-384-6955
  • Kearny Co.: 620-355-7911
  • Finney Co.: 620-805-3922
  • Gray Co.: 620-855-3515
  • Ford Co.: 620-227-3711

📞 Get in Touch for More Information

  • Everyone in the counties are eligible for this enhanced testing opportunity. Don’t miss out!
  • Reach out to your local Conservation District to learn more and check your eligibility.
  • Those in other counties should get their drinking water tested for their own health and well being.